future vision

what we see

We see the lost becoming found, the broken becoming whole, the hurting becoming healed and free, sons and daughters who've wandered off, coming home, back into the loving embrace of the Father.

We see more locations gathering as whanau in the Whare Karakia, the House of God together as the body of Christ
We see many in home gatherings all over the area, being beacons of light, love and hope to a lost people 

We see real needs in our community being met by us, the believers and followers of Jesus
We see an engagement and community online that is relevant, validated and celebrated

We see the many Whare Karakia with spaces that serve the community, including but not limited to: providing community education workshops, counselling and family support, ministry training, space for the arts, music, and dance, retreat facilities, community gardens and a base to see needs met in the community of that area.

vision builders

We believe a vision always needs to be bigger than where we are right now, it should challenge us, stretch our thinking of who God is and be beyond our reach, able to be reached with Christ in faith. 

The future of The Found is bright, but building the Church is not without sacrifice; of time, lifestyle and finances, so first and foremost a commitment to prayer and servanthood is always going to be the culture of our Church - that’s being a builder.

We have a big God and we believe we all have our part to play in building the Church and seeing the Kingdom of Heaven established here on earth. We believe in thinking big, dreaming big, with a big vision and big faith, we step out, we reach high and have faith in our God who makes the impossible possible.

Matthew 19:26
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”