Good Friday by Ps Andrew Waples

Good Morning, it is so great that you could join us this morning, if this your first time receiving our emails, welcome.

Can I encourage you that the message today I believe is timely for this day and circumstance that we are in!

Ps Andrew Waples

The Story of Jesus heading up to the cross is found in Matthew 26:17-74

Another account is in Mark 14:12 - 72 and John 18: 1 - 27

What are the points that God wants to make?

John 3:16-17

Romans 5:6-11

Jesus has walked in our shoes!





He knows the pain that we are in, with all that is going on around us. He has experienced hurt, loss and betrayal from a close friend and those who say one thing to his face but another behind his back. Jesus had to grapple with uncertainty; the uncertainty that his friends had, even after all the evidence and what He said that would be done.

Jesus loved us so much that he willingly went to die for us when he was completely innocent, pure, unblemished, like the lamb of the Passover for the Israelite's in Egypt (see Exodus 12.1-28).

He knows, He is well aware!

He grieves, He cares.

He still walked to the cross bearing it all on his shoulders, after being beaten, broken and abused undeservedly for us.

What is important about Good Friday?

God loves everyone and showed it with the greatest act of love, to lay down His Son's life.

Jesus was innocent, without blemish and didn't have to be crucified but chose to.

Easter is indeed about the empty tomb. But first, it’s about the Cross. Why are we in such a hurry to rush Jesus up to heaven? Is it because the Cross doesn’t fit into our picture of how things ought to be? It didn’t fit into anyone’s picture back then, either. Friday is the road to Sunday. - Dennis Gingerich.

Jesus quite easily could have gone straight to heaven and he could have taken the shortcuts, but so much was needed to be accomplished. So He didn’t. He went to the cross for all of us. Jesus was at his most human state when he cried out to God, “why have you forsaken me!” in Matthew 27:46

The road that we walk, the path that we're on now through these times, it's like the Friday and as we pass through the challenges and a lot of grief and death, even as gruesome as it is, we will come to Sunday. Sunday is our hope, Sunday is the light, Sunday is what is before us.

First we must embrace the cross.