Take your next step and make The Found your home church

We would love to encourage you to have a good read of our website to find out all about The Found, fill in a connect with us form online, come along on Sunday to The Found in the House Whare Karakia, let us know if you want to join an in home gathering for a kai and kōrero, dinner and chat - let's connect!

Then when you're ready to take your Next Step to see if you want to make The Found your home Church, we would love you to attend our four week Next Step programme, this will help you to choose if The Found is the right place for you.  Next Step runs once a term for 1 hour over 4 weeks, you can complete steps 1-3 in any order, but must complete those steps before attending week 4.  We run the four weeks both in person and on zoom.

What's involved? 

Week one - STEP ONE - Make The Found Home
Hear our story and vision as a church along with our heart for you. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to make The Found your home.

Week two - STEP TWO - Thrive

Discover the fullness of life God has created for you. Learn about following Jesus and being transformed, learn about why gathering together is such an important part of doing life well together as followers of Jesus, the ekklesia, the Church.

Week three - STEP THREE - Discover You
Dive into your unique design. Discover your passions, abilities, personality and gifts. See how your design reveals your purpose in life and your best fit in the Church and community.

Week four - STEP FOUR - Make a Difference

Identify how you are called to make a difference for Jesus in the body, the Church, community and marketplace. Learn about the opportunities available to use your God given gifts in a team at The Found.

Once you've completed all four steps you're given the opportunity to make a commitment to becoming a member of The Found.

You can sign up for our Next Step pathway by filling in a CONNECT WITH US form online, just pop Next Steps in the message box.