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Helping you grow in your relationship with God

Here are some great resources to help you read the Bible and be encouraged in your Christian faith. 


Follow us on Instagram - we often share Scripture from our gatherings and links to other greats resources like podcasts and sometimes funny reels and memes.

If you're new to following Jesus, or have come back to be in connection with Him, we highly recommended attending Alpha... read more below and we'd love to hear from you. 

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Alpha - explore life, faith & meaning

What is Alpha?
Alpha is an opportunity to explore life, faith and God in a friendly, open and informal environment. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. There’s no pressure, no follow-up and no charge; it’s just an open, informal, and honest space to explore and discuss life’s big questions together.

What's involved exactly?

Connection: all sessions start with a time to connect over a meal, to relax and build friendships. We start with food, because it’s a great way to build community and get to know each other.

Content: the Alpha talks are designed to inspire conversation. They explore the big issues of life and faith, addressing questions like “Who is Jesus?”, “Why and how do I pray?” and “How does God guide us?” The talks are usually around 30 minutes long.

Conversation: One of the most important parts of any Alpha... the chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic, and discuss in a small group. There’s no obligation to say anything and there’s nothing you can’t say.

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Learn to share with others

An great NZ video series on how we can talk to others about Jesus in a natural and relational way.

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on youtube

C3TV Global is about empowering pastors and leaders to excel in church growth and building a team.

C3 Global Blog

Musings from some of the sharpest minds in the movement.

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the bible project on youtube

The Bible Project is a nonprofit animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated videos about the Bible.

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The Found Worship List

Listen and worship with The Found's playlist on Spotify

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